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NFQ become an official certified partner to AWS

We are so proud to announce that NFQ is now an official certified partner to cloud computing giant Amazon Web Services.

NFQ provides services that scale together with our clients` business – from startup to a global company. And with 7 years of experience applying AWS solutions, we know containerization is a current trend and reality, one step closer to a serverless world. So yes, we do invest in future technologies for our partners, so that they’re still up to date even in 5-7 years. At NFQ we love to be ahead.

Our proven AWS track record includes developing the technology behind the infrastructure for dozens of projects like HomeToGo, home24, Lemoncat, WeShip (Alaiko), EatMyTickets, Atlantic Express, Smarketer, Stovendo, and Finance Group.

So for us, it's no surprise that 90% of Fortune 100 companies are using AWS. Offering ~200 fully featured services from data centers globally, AWS these days is an international standard for companies aiming to grow stronger, increase speed and agility, and scale up and scale down according to their business needs. And that brings tangible value. 

We help customers run applications, which on AWS will work not only locally but also globally, across multiple regions. And that solves one of the biggest infrastructure challenges for internationally operating technology businesses.