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NFQ will help offline retailers switch to online trade within 24 hours

Responding to the problem of offline retailing being halted due to the general quarantine, NFQ as the company with the biggest e-commerce project development experience in Lithuania, are offering help for businesses impacted by the crisis. Mobilizing its expert forces, at NFQ we are ready to help retailers who have not deployed e-commerce solutions yet to launch a sales channel right away and quickly optimize their operations.

“With the borders closed and a general quarantine declared, traditional businesses have had to shut down for an indefinite period, while online businesses, especially in the FMCG segment, are just blooming – with record turnover and not enough time to fill all orders. Online commerce is currently a great opportunity that has opened up for traditional businesses, too, to survive the quarantine period, protect their employees’ jobs, help the people in Lithuania who are enduring quarantine, and not suffer ruinous losses,” says Paulius Insoda, the CEO of NFQ.

Going online is the only way for stores (other than grocers and pharmacies, to which the quarantine doesn’t apply) to sell during this critical period. But many retailers are not prepared for a step like that, they do not have the appropriate technological tools or the know-how that is needed to get started successfully. It is a well-known truth in the business world that every crisis at the same time also creates new opportunities. NFQ’s CEO notes that during this critical time the world will change and become even more digitalized and virtualized. 

“Consumers have been ‘digital native’ for a long time now, even if the evolution of business has followed its own natural course. These days it’s obvious that the only business happening is business that’s able to sell via digital channels and organize work remotely. Years of experience digitalizing very different businesses and a good selection of plug and play technological solutions make it possible to shift essential business functions to the Internet very quickly. It won’t be just a temporary solution. It’ll be a basis for multichannel development of a business once the quarantine ends – both online and offline. Consumers are already ready for that; they aren’t afraid of shopping online. Today we’re starting with retailers, but we can also help businesses in any industry that want or are forced to enter the digital realm. We have all the needed tools, which we can switch on very fast and solve technical issues tomorrow already. So we can share our experience and resources and help businesses and their people to more easily survive the hardships of these days,” Paulius Insoda says.

Founded in 2002, NFQ Technologies is an international digital innovation company which implements large-scale online business development, digitalization, business intelligence and data science projects, and provides UX, UI and CRO services for travel, omnichannel retail, logistics, transport and sharing economy businesses across the globe.

Having built successful digital business solutions for market leaders like home24, Lemoncat, Smarketer, Takeout, Membershop, Ermitažas, Sanitex, Eoltas, Eurovaistinė, Ogmina and others, the company currently stands ready to assist Lithuania’s offline businesses not just with its tools, but also with the launch of new solutions, consulting on working remotely and helping employees of traditional businesses more easily live and work in quarantine conditions, and strategic planning of further activities.