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We Can Code: the best time to start a career in IT is now

This weekend in Kaunas the "We Can Code" seminar session and programming workshops promoting an ethical and inclusive corporate culture in high-tech companies were held. For the fifth time, NFQ and KAYAK professionals from leading digital technology companies in Lithuania have shared inspirational success stories with readers of Delfi.lt.

The main theme of this year's "We Can Code" event was the importance of diversity of experience in IT teams, not coincidentally dictated by the market's need for increasingly competitive team building solutions and new insights from researchers.

One of the speakers used to be an architect before she rediscovered herself in the software development business. Currently Julija runs two of the NFQ project teams and can be called an ambassador for a pluralistic organizational culture. As an architect, Julija decided to make radical changes in her career after nine years of consistent work.

In her search for a new job, she set out to try out areas she had never tried: administrative work, marketing, sales. After working for many years as an architectural specialist, her search for a creative job eventually led to a digital marketing agency where she first encountered IT.