How we helped Zivver to develop a safer way of data sharing

Organisations are increasingly working with digital data. They exchange sensitive information with an increasing number of parties. This creates a lot of new added value while on the other hard cyber security threats occur as well. That is how our partner, dutch startup Zivver has created a solution that secures communications to prevent data leaks in the exchange of sensitive information.



Innovations in logistics can help stabilize supply chains

Global digital transformation spending in logistics will reach $75.5 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 8.8% from $45.6 billion in 2020, according to ReportLinker’s newest report. The spending on logistics digitization has been driven by the Covid-19 pandemics for the last two years and it will even speed up in the future due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Who will be faster in embracing innovations has a lot to gain, according to Paulius Insoda, CEO at NFQ Technologies, international IT company, helping global brands to create innovations, which recently opened its Polish branch in Krakow.



How our solutions enabled Paprcuts to expand its business to France

NFQ Front-end solutions helped Paprcuts create a modern e-commerce platform image that is attractive to customers, while its Back-end development work helped build a multi-channel business model and enter the French market. This is a great example of technological business development solutions and IT experts’ skills bringing companies tangible results.



Celebrating 20 Years in IT Business: even large companies want to act like startups

20 years ago, when there still was no iPhone and Facebook, a group of software engineers started a new IT company in Kaunas, Lithuania – NFQ. Today we are a German-Lithuanian software developer, having offices in Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Vietnam, and Singapore and 300+ launched digital solutions for our global partners worldwide. An occasion to celebrate and reflect on how our crazy journey went.



How we helped Šiaulių bankas e-banking to get closer to you

We like challenges, so when Šiaulių bankas approached us, we were delighted to have the opportunity to upgrade the online banking and mobile app of one of Lithuania's largest banks.