Paulius Insoda: Lithuania’s chances in the unicorn race

Lithuania, with one real and two unofficial tech unicorns, is statistically on a par with countries like Ireland, Belgium and Estonia. But appetite comes with eating, as they say, and the factors that ensure good conditions for startups are also relevant for many other technology businesses. After this fall launching a unicorn which we had taken care of from day one, in an IPO on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, we would like to share our company’s perspective on Lithuania's ability to raise unicorns.


NFQ brings one of Western Europe’s biggest IT players – valantic – to Lithuania

International digital innovation company NFQ Technologies has signed an out-of-the-ordinary contract: it will start a new company in Lithuania with its partner, the high-end Western European technology company valantic. The plan is for valantic LT, within four years, to hire up to 200 IT professionals for the purpose of creating solutions for world-famous brands.


Shaping the mobility of tomorrow with our partner Rebike

When exploring nature on two wheels, customers seek a bumpy ride, but a smooth rental experience. Our clients at Rebike Mobility, Europe’s fastest-growing cross-brand platform for e-bike rentals, new and used e-bikes, came to NFQ for an overhaul of their e-bike rental self-service portal.


How to scale your business quickly. The Arbor Garden Solutions example.

From 1.5 mln. EUR by the end of 2019 to 12 mln. EUR of yearly incomes today.  IT solutions we`ve made, helped Arbor Garden Solutions to grow their yearly revenue by 800%.


Should you consider Spryker for your e-commerce needs?

As you might already know, NFQ is an official partner of Spryker Commerce OS – a platform built for the agile development of online shopping solutions. This framework or operating system, as they call it, is designed with extra-large-scale e-commerce operations in mind. Its clients include carmaker Toyota, retail chain Aldi Süd, and automotive OEM Continental, among others. Today, we want to take a deep dive into Spryker's distinct features and provide you with an inside view coming from our experts who have already brought Spryker's advantages to our clients.