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An 850+ strong team whose ideas underpin successful exits, IPOs, strong financial results and competitive advantages as well as novel processes, new business models and great user experiences. We focus on e-commerce, mobility, and transport & logistics, while always keeping an eye on emerging segments as well.

What else:

  • Management with a tech background.
  • No pointless politics.
  • No legacy code (unless customers need our help).
  • Always open to trying, evaluating and using something new.
  • Inspiring colleagues who [want to] understand the businesses and processes tech serves.


Okay, working in the tech business for over 20 years we’re not a startup anymore. Which is good, since all our money comes from our work, the value we actually create, the results we bring to our partners and not from some blind beliefs and trust in what we potentially can achieve. Rather, we partner with companies that count on our expertise to provide them with a solution that goes far beyond lines of code. Typically, we rethink processes, business models and architecture, not to mention tech stacks. That opens doors for our people to find their own ways and solutions and bring their own ideas to life, learning and advancing both within and across teams and departments. Benefits, perks, and fun? Don’t worry – that’s all taken care of. Meanwhile, we fully respect people’s personal life and privacy in the broadest sense.


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Q: Work From Home?

A: WF-Anywhere, to be honest. We have colleagues working everywhere from Iceland to Albania, not to even mention Spain and Portugal.


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We set the standard
For doing business and having fun
We take care of what's important
By taking part of driving a change
We get things done
Not only in the office
We team up
At our computers and outdoors

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