Notification Regarding the Processing of Personal Data

Renewed on: 2022-10-28

We appreciate your privacy and in order to ensure the safety of your personal data, we are hereby sharing with you the following detailed information regarding what personal data is stored and for what purposes. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Data Protection Officer Tel. No: +370 37 333 053 or e-mail:


Data Controller

UAB NFQ Technologies, legal entity code: 135867375, address: Brastos str. 15, Kaunas.

Personal data which is stored and processed when you apply for a vacant position in UAB NFQ Technologies as well as when UAB NFQ Technologies performs selection for vacant position by itself.

In order to evaluate your candidacy the following personal data is needed:

  1. name;
  2. surname;
  3. phone number;
  4. e-mail;
  5. educational background;
  6. information about the candidate‘s career (current and prior employers, position of the candidate, type of work, short description of the position);
  7. information that the candidate makes publicly available for work/professional purposes (e.g. your social media profile on Linkedin);
  8. other information which the candidate states in his/her curriculum vitae or cover letter or information which is submitted by employment agencies and head hunters (education, date of birth, address, etc.).


You have the right to submit other personal data by stating it in your curriculum vitae and (or) cover letter. All Personal data will be processed by NFQ Technologies and NFQ Technologies will take it into consideration when evaluating your candidacy. 

Personal data received from third parties

We may receive your personal data form our partners. Your personal data might be received from our partners when you have submitted your data to it. Personal data received from our partners is processed for the purpose to evaluate your candidacy to vacancy in UAB NFQ Technologies. We may obtain personal data from publicly available sources.  

Transfers of personal data

We may transfer your personal data to our partners which might be interested in your candidacy. Your personal data shall only be transferred to such partners on the ground of your consent.

In the absence of your consent, no personal data will be transferred.  

Purposes of processing personal data

The personal data you submitted is processed:

  1. in order to evaluate your candidacy to fill a vacant job position. Your personal data will be processed on the basis of your willingness to participate in the selection for the vacant job position;
  2. to offer you an available vacant job position in the future. Your data will be processed on the basis of your consent.

Period for which personal data will be stored

Your personal data is processed by UAB „NFQ Technologies“:

  1. when you apply for an available vacant job position at UAB NFQ Technologies – no longer than 3 months after completion of selection for vacancy.
  2. if you gave your consent to process your personal data – until the consent is withdrawn.
  3. Personal data which are made public by you are stored in the Company until it is available publicly, unless your consent is obtained. 

Your rights 

You have the right to: 

  1. request information about yours personal data processed by Company;
  2. submit a request to rectify your personal data and (or) to stop the processing of such personal data except for storage – if upon accessing personal data you establish that such data is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate;
  3. request to erase personal data or to stop the processing of such data, except for storage – if upon accessing personal data you establish that such personal data is processed unlawfully or unfairly;
  4. disagree to the processing of your personal data, when such data is processed or is going to be processed for the purpose of direct marketing or legitimate interest which we or a third party who receives personal data seek.;
  5. Request for your personal data portability.


You may implement your rights by submitting a written request to us and by stating what type of action you require from us regarding your personal data. This request may be submitted by any means below:

  1. E-mail: +370 37 333 053;
  2. Telephone: ;
  3. Headquarters of NFQ: Brastos str. 15, Kaunas or Rinktinės str. 5, Vilnius.


Submitting a complaint

If you believe that we have not complied with the obligations stated in this notification in relation to your personal data, please contact us in any way that is convenient to you and we will take action to safeguard your rights.

You can contact us in any way you like:

  1. E-mail: +370 37 333 053;
  2. Telephone: ;
  3. Headquarters of NFQ at Brastos str. 15, Kaunas or Rinktinės str. 5, Vilnius.

If you fail to resolve your inquiry with us, you have the right to contact the National Data Protection Inspectorate, which is responsible for the supervision and control of personal data protection legislation.