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Help Ukrainian children in need: donate to the “Helping Wing” international charity fund

The Ukrainians who are fighting this war and the children left orphaned there need your support. We invite you to donate to the “Helping Wing” international charity fund. The fund has already sent three convoys with humanitarian support to Ukraine and has rescued around 150 people by taking them to Poland and Lithuania. The fourth convoy is on its way to Ukraine. And we won`t stop supporting people in need, so your contribution matters.

Internationally recognized humanitarian initiative towards Ukraine – charity and support fund “Helping Wing for Ukraine” was founded in 2014 by Reserve Colonel Algis Šimoniutis. At that time it was a still small but impactful organization. Over the last 8 years, “Helping Wing” has expanded its reach, attracted sponsors and grown into a strong organization with a deep understanding and know-how of how to help Ukraine. 

The “Helping Wing” sends transport with humanitarian aid to Ukraine and then brings Ukrainian children who have lost their parents, during the war or earlier, to Lithuania. Thanks to trusted connections in Ukraine, the organization is able to reach the areas and people who need support the most. The humanitarian aid consists mostly of essential medicines, bandages, medical tourniquets, disinfectants, canned food, hygiene items and surgical instrument kits.

How can you help? 


Beneficiary: Pagalbos sparnas
Account number: LT477300010139863995 (Swedbank)
Bank code – 73000 

HANDS-ON help: 

To volunteer, contact us by e-mail:


For humanitarian donations, contact us by e-mail:

Every contribution counts. Thank you.