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How to expand your e-shop and become more attractive to your customers: a story of Hans Natur

We’re e-commerce experts, so when Hans Natur, the business offering eco-friendly products for children, came to us for an upgrade, we were delighted with the chance to contribute to the German e-tailer’s growth. Since then, technology solutions built by NFQ have helped Hans Natur expand and become more attractive and convenient for its customers.

Business problem

In 2018, this fast-growing business wanted to update its outdated e-shop, improving its performance and the user experience. While developing Front-end solutions for Hans Natur’s e-shop, our experts also noticed another problem that is familiar to many companies undergoing intensive growth: Hans Natur was using an outdated and inflexible e-commerce platform, which put a technological constraint on business development. To grow successfully, the client needed new Back-end solutions that could satisfy increasing demands.

Technological solution

First of all, NFQ’s developers solved Hans Natur's Front-end problem. At the time, the client's e-shop was visually unappealing, outdated, and not very easy for customers to use. Adapting a PWA (progressive web app) solution and making use of VUE page components, our experts built a new, modern, user-friendly Front-end application.

After revamping the e-shop, NFQ’s developers then tackled the Back-end technology problem that was limiting the client’s growth. The e-commerce system that had served Hans Natur for over a decade was no longer able to meet the company's constantly increasing needs. To develop a new Back-end ecosystem solution, NFQ’s experts chose the flexible and easily adaptable e-commerce platform. It can be used to manage orders, user accounts, integrations with third parties like payment and parcel delivery systems, and discount administration.

Seeking optimal Back-end solutions, our developers used an advanced product management system. It’s responsible for importing product information from the warehouse management system, adding a visual representation of the required data, and adding product information.

In building the new Back-end system, NFQ’s IT team faced the following technological challenges:

  • The fast-growing business could not stop its e-commerce activities.
  • The old and new Back-end systems had to run in parallel for a certain period of time so that if an error occurred in the new system, users could continue shopping in the old one with no disruption until the problem was resolved.
  • Data regarding a user’s cart and orders and other information had to be identical on both e-commerce systems in real-time. 

After carefully planning out the entire process, our developers seamlessly took Hans Natur’s e-shop from the platform based on 10-year-old code to its new e-commerce system.


In four years of work with the client, a dedicated team from NFQ has implemented a number of e-shop functionality integrations. And there are already plans for new. Innovative solutions help businesses become even more attractive and convenient for their customers.

NFQ's software engineers built a modern, user-friendly Front-end application and a new Back-end system for Hans Natur. This technological solution has made it possible for Hans Natur to grow, process orders efficiently, and ensure the stability of the system. NFQ’s IT experts have developed many attractive features for the German e-commerce firm, helping it create additional value for its customers.

If you feel like needing a solution like this – feel free to contact us and let's have a chat.