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NFQ Group continues to expand globally by entering the African market

NFQ Group, which encompasses the software development company NFQ Technologies that operates in Lithuania and Poland, continues to grow internationally. The Group already has offices in Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore, and has recently become the majority shareholder of Cairo-based

Upon acquiring, NFQ – which has been in business for the past 20 years – now has over 900 employees across 10 divisions located on 3 continents. 

“Our reasons for choosing Egypt for expansion include the country’s experienced IT professionals, excellent English language skills, and a similar work culture. This step will help us to increase the number of IT specialists working for NFQ, and to gain access to the highly qualified African IT talent pool,” said Lars Jankowfsky, co-founder of NFQ Group. is a team of almost 30 highly qualified IT professionals working on advanced digital projects for big e-commerce and digital service providers from European and Arab countries. 

“By securing access to the highly qualified African IT talent pool, NFQ will be able to strengthen its teams in Europe and Asia, which, in turn, will enable the company to further expand its client base and open the door to new markets,” Paulius Insoda, CEO of NFQ Technologies, said.