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NFQ have become an official partner of Spryker Commerce OS

It's official: we, NFQ, have become an official partner of Spryker Commerce OS. Spryker is built to handle large and extra-large-scale e-commerce projects. 

So if your business is aiming to scale globally, this technology will enable you to process big volumes of data, products and orders without having to make any major changes to the existing code base.

For example, front-ends in Spryker use data storage that’s separated from the back-end’s and have their own applications and storage, so the architecture makes scalability easily achievable. Scaling horizontally on Spryker without affecting the back-end application and logic is easy too: simply add more instances with more storage.

Saulius Lazaravičius, certified by Spryker Team Lead on Kappa unit at NFQ points out, that Spryker`s Glue API enables smooth integrations with all possible customer touchpoints: from IoT, desktop and mobile apps, to shop POS`s and bots. Which is highly desired functionality among large scale global businesses.

Our software engineers like developing with Spryker especially because it has solved data-caching and performance problems, and solutions integrated into the framework lets you rapidly jump to a desired part of the code, develop, review it, and even go for a refactoring – smoothly, without spending extra time getting familiar with the structure. All thanks to Spryker’s cleverly modularized architecture.

To put it simply, Spryker is the next level of e-commerce development, what you go for when traditional frameworks limit the speed of scaling a business as desired.