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Raising NFQ Technologies UAB employees’ qualifications

NFQ Technologies UAB is conducting the project “Raising NFQ Technologies UAB employees’ qualifications”. The project is being implemented under the Operational Programme for EU Structural Funds Investments for 2014-2020, priority 9 “Public Education and Increasing the Potential of Human Resources”, measure No. 09.4.3-ESFA-K-805 “Human Resources Invest LT+”.

NFQ Technologies UAB is a software development and electronic commerce business services company of the highest competence. The company strives to help clients build a successful business by creating high value-added and to create jobs for highly qualified specialists and talents, offering each of them excellent conditions for growth. Currently one of the main problems the company faces is investing in human resources. The company must think about its expansion seeking the best positions in a rapidly evolving market. And in thinking about expansion, first of all, investments in human resources need to be planned, in order to improve the company’s operating results. It is precisely one such problem that the proposed project addresses: strengthening employees’ professional qualifications and skills. Target group participants, after undergoing training activities, will acquire competencies which will create conditions for an increase in the employees’ wages and benefit from other incentive measures. In that way, the quality of the services provided will improve. The project’s goal involves enhancing employee’s qualifications, knowledge, and skills, and promoting direct foreign investments. 

After the project’s activities, the qualitatively positive changes will impact the target group participants, since raising their qualifications will not just provide professional knowledge but will also increase employees’ internal motivation and self-confidence. It is important to stress that after the project’s implementation, the target group participants will retain the ability to further act and be competitive in the labor market. The results of the project will have a positive impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of employees’ work. From European Union structural funds, EUR 465,518.74 is being invested in the project.


Dalia Dzvonkienė 

Project Coordinator at NFQ

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