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The rise of e-commerce enables global-scale growth for local specialists

The growing e-commerce market size creates a demand not only for larger online stores, but also for engineers working with complex electronic trade platforms. “valantic”, who connects over 2000 such professionals globally, creates an opportunity for local talents to improve by solving unique challenges of large e-commerce architectures. 

According to recent research data from “Mordor Intelligence”, the years of pandemic has grown e-commerce market size by 80 percent in the Baltic states, while consignment movement increased by 54%. As another survey concludes, this dynamic is prominent up till today, as every second shopper in Lithuania buys online, on weekly basis.

A shift in consumer behavior is proven in analysis of past 5 years. “Morgan Stanley” forecasts a continued record growth of electronic commerce on international scale. Until 2026 it is predicted that global e-commerce market will increase from 3,3 to 5,4 trillion USD and consist 27% of all retail sales. Large-scale e-commerce tools, such as “Spryker”, will accommodate the change. “Spryker” is an e-commerce platform that’s dedicated for the largest architectures, generating millions in revenue. This Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution is successfully used by global brands such as “Toyota”, “Aldi Süd”, “Continental” and others. 

According to “valantic LT” CEO Paulius Insoda, the functional priorities of this tool are oriented in large scaling processes and analysis of vast amounts of data. As of today, “Spryker” is not yet widely known in Lithuania, simply because of it’s dedication for the largest e-commerce projects, and the majority of local businesses are small to medium companies. They use simpler tools to create and control small stores, therefore the IT professionals are also oriented towards skills specifically required. Despite that, the growing e-commerce volumes allow to presume an increased need of larger online shops, and professionals with abilities to work with them, correspondingly.

Perceiving the country’s IT industry’s potential in the midst of this growth of electronic trade, “valantic” has established a team in Lithuania via their partners “NFQ Technologies”. “We plan to welcome over 200 new talents in the upcoming 4 years,” claims Paulius Insoda. The company has already consolidated their first team of high level software engineers for work with the largest electronic commerce architectures.

“valantic LT” creates a possibility to learn with and from global-level enterprises by working on the largest projects of its’ kind. “The challenges that our clients face are very peculiar to their size,” says the CEO. “It is a singular possibility for a developer to gather experience by working with the giants of international trade.” 

About “valantic LT”

“valantic LT” is a software and virtual processes solution developer. One of the main competencies of the company is large e-commerce system development with high-end tools such as “Spryker”. “valantic” group connects over 2000 software developers worldwide. The company established their office in Lithuania through partners “NFQ Technologies” in 2021.