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Atlantic Express corp.

Never shrinking away from a challenge, we built a modern and sophisticated ERP system covering the entire auto export cycle for Atlantic Express Corp – a major U.S.-based logistics company.

Over the span of 5 years, the solution helped Atlantic Express Corp increase the number of daily orders from less than 2.500 to around 10.000. Virtual sorcery brings real-world results.

Business problem:

Our relationship with the company began when it started to struggle with its standard ERP system that, given the complexity of the business, was failing to bring about the desired return on investment.

Before we stepped in, Atlantic Express Corp was having trouble with the manual assignment of drivers needed to truck newly purchased vehicles to its warehouses, which consistently led to stopovers and the loss of potential revenue.

To make matters worse, vehicle inspections conducted in-person often resulted in pesky issues like undetected malfunctions and missing documents and keys, causing prolonged delays. 

Technological solution:

The company wanted a state-of-the-art system capable of pooling data from individual departments that would enable automated order processing and driver assignment, as well as a means for clients to keep track of their cargo.

To do this, our software engineers first had to overcome a number of challenges, such as data sync between different states and companies, integrations with third-party APIs, and the development of a custom CRM system, which required a number of advanced solutions.

With the help from NFQ’s Data Science and Mobile teams, our Delta team was able to build a unique ERP system from scratch – including a mobile app for on-the-ground operatives and a trucking service ordering system – that’s fully integrated with all the relevant customs and border defense authorities, as well as INTRRA (the ocean shipping industry’s largest neural network) and the key auto transport marketplace CentralDispatch.


Our ERP solution covers the entire auto export cycle, including:

  • Full internal process automation and document management across the logistics cycle
  • A mobile app with CentralDispatch integrations that allows drivers to see vehicles to be trucked in real-time
  • App-supported vehicle inspections designed to forestall human-error
  • Optimal route planning for trucking loaded containers to port and back
  • Customer touchpoints, including order placement and tracking, designed to reduce the need for customer service
  • ERP sub-system takeover upon reaching the final destination for handling the unloading process, as well as cargo inspection and delivery
  • Digitized and fully ACE-compatible management of the customs clearance procedures
  • Invoicing

Outcome? From 2016 till 2021 the volume of Atlantic Express clients rose 4 times. 


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