Our technological solutions let users of the Eoltas.lt e-shop quickly find the auto parts they need in the system's huge selection of over 1.5 million products from 85 different manufacturers.

Our developed digital e-commerce platform and multi-channel B2B solution with integration of the TecDoc Catalogue and the Microsoft Dynamics Axapta business management solution enabled Eoltas to offer real-time searches of auto parts and successfully grow its franchise internationally.

The part of the Eoltas.lt e-shop that users see, the front-end, is just a small part of the overall platform. Its back-end hides a sophisticated microservices architecture designed to process the immense amount of data on this e-shop system in an instant and display it to the customer right away.

Technological solution

  • To speed up the platform, our software engineers built 14 applications that automatically interact with one another, of which only 2 have a Front-end solution to output aggregate data to the end-users – eoltas.lt and b2b.eoltas.lt.
  • The rest of the applications operate in the Back-end, compiling information about products and their status, orders, dynamic pricing, inventories, logistics, and importing and exporting data.
  • All of that was programmed in PHP on the Symfony framework with Sylius, Akeneo PIM and Elasticsearch solutions, using a MySQL database service and RabbitMQ for message queuing.



Services provided