Omnichannel commerce has long ceased to be a strategy solely for pure e-commerce players. Many brick-and-mortar sellers are discovering this sales approach that both answers the needs of the modern buyer and helps to increase sales volumes.

One such seller is Makveža, UAB, the owner of the MOKI-VEŽI brand, which only had physical stores at the beginning of 2020. In two short weeks, NFQ’s business development and IT experts not only helped the company to enter the e-commerce space, but also laid solid foundations for the MOKI-VEŽI omnichannel business model. Today, the company enjoys double-digit sales growth as well as greater visibility and competitiveness of its brand.

Business problem:

The expectations of retail customers are growing rapidly. While price is important, a smooth shopping experience is an equally significant factor in buying decisions. In addition, shoppers expect a flawless experience when buying through both physical and digital sales channels. For example, many shoppers take features such as the same-day pick-up of e-store purchases or information on product availability at the nearest physical store for granted. To create a unique shopping and brand experience for ever-demanding clients, retailers need to make sure that their products, customer service, as well as shipping and return options span across all sales channels.

The integration of several sales channels into a unified shopping experience is called omnichannel commerce. Statistics show that investing in this sales model pays off: omnichannel shoppers have a 30% higher lifetime value than those who shop using only one channel, while omnichannel companies reap customer retention increases 91% higher than multichannel competitors.

Entering the world of e-commerce, UAB Makveža needed a solution that would meet all buyer expectations. The NFQ team got to work. In just two weeks, our IT and business development experts prepared the MVP for the customer-friendly and feature-rich MOKI-VEŽI e-shop, which laid the foundations for the company’s omnichannel sales approach. A retail consultant app, developed by NFQ experts specifically for multichannel sales, was a great addition to this new approach, helping to track sales statistics, provide quality advice to customers and integrate customer experience shopping in physical stores and online. 

Technological solution:

First, we built the basis of MOKI-VEŽI e-commerce — a functional e-shop. NFQ software engineers used the modern Sylius framework and product management system Akeneo PIM to develop the e-shop. Our team sought to deliver a product that caters to the customers’ every need, so we gave the e-shop multiple useful features:

  • Based on the advanced ElasticSearch engine, the e-shop’s search function filters products by 8 criteria, such as name, price, discount size, stock quantity and others. This way, the system offers the customer a product that best suits their needs.
  • Customers can choose the most convenient delivery method: purchases can be delivered to their home address or picked up on the same day at the MOKI-VEŽI store of their choice.
  • Customers can see information about the stock quantities of the selected item in all stores.
  • To promote the e-shop among customers, NFQ experts proposed applying e-pricing and special discounts for certain products in the e-shop. This business development solution encourages MOKI-VEŽI buyers to choose shopping online and consolidates the omnichannel sales approach.

MOKI-VEŽI was also the first in Lithuania to use the multi-channel retail consultant application developed by NFQ. This unique tool allows MOKI-VEŽI consultants to collect a wealth of useful customer data during a consultation in a physical store. Using the app, the consultant is also able to better serve the customer by providing all the necessary product information: properties, videos and stock quantities in stores and warehouses.

The NFQ consultant app also helps to retain contact with customers that have visited a physical store but have not completed a purchase. The consultant may offer such customers to send more detailed product information by e-mail or SMS. Therefore, a person who has left a physical store empty handed is still a potential lead. The message sent to the customer includes, in addition to the main information on the product, encouragement to purchase the item and a shortcut button to do it 'here and now' online.


  • In just two weeks, a team of NFQ IT and business development experts developed an MVP and Sylius framework-based e-shop with the Akeneo PIM product management system.
  • The MOKI-VEŽI e-shop is full of customer-friendly functions: a choice of delivery and pick-up options, information about product stock quantities in stores, an advanced product search engine and others.
  • NFQ retail consultant application helps to collect customer data, track sales statistics, and optimize the sales process by connecting in-store shopping with electronic channels.
  • NFQ solutions promote the growth of Makveža, UAB, and the company's visibility in the e-commerce space. For instance, according to SEO, the MOKI-VEŽI e-shop is in the TOP 35 of Lithuania’s e-sellers.

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