When exploring nature on two wheels, customers seek a bumpy ride, but a smooth rental experience. Our clients at Rebike Mobility, Europe’s fastest-growing cross-brand platform for e-bike rentals, new and used e-bikes, came to NFQ for an overhaul of their e-bike rental self-service portal. 

Now, customers are able not only to easily pay for the e-bikes but also extend or cancel their subscription or even purchase bike insurance without having to call anyone.

Our dedicated team’s extensive experience in tweaking e-commerce stores came in handy. Using our own best practices, we built an easy-to-use and multifunctional self-service portal and developed a payment solution for bike rentals. 

Merging several tech stacks, we based the e-commerce platform on the Symfony framework while adding Shopware 5 functionality and developing the front-end using JavaScript. We’ve used Docker throughout the development process, and we’re happy to be involved in migrating the platform to Amazon Web Services as well.

“In addition to self-service functionality, we’ve also implemented the usage of coupon codes, synced with multiple advertisers. It’s been a great ride (pun intended) so far, and we’re already working on additional upgrades that will help Rebike Mobility keep up with the needs and wishes of their customers,” says Karolis Stanelis, Tech project lead.

Check the platforms here: https://ebike-abo.de/ and here: https://rebike.com/de/.

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