Our web & app software solution enables restaurants to be promoted on the portal and set up their own white-label order channels with just a few clicks. The 100% automated system covers the entire order-preparation-delivery chain and delivery time forecasting.

Founded in 2003, Takeout Group specializes in innovative SAAS solutions targeted the restaurant and grocery takeaway industries. Our partnership with TakeOut Group started when the company has decided to scale and the old platform needed improvements to serve a growing number of restaurants. 

After a closer look at this complex business, we came to the conclusion that successful scaling needs not only a facelift of the website but more sophisticated tools for restaurants and clients. And we were eager to try and build these tools.

Today, it offers an all-in-one food ordering and dispatching platform with thousands of participating restaurants in 8 markets. Every year, the platform is processing orders worth more than €25 million.

The challenge

New goals require new tools: With a growing number of restaurants onboard, TakeOut Group saw the need to update its technological platform.

New goals might require a new approach: sometimes, a simple update is not enough. To scale big, TakeOut Group needed an array of sophisticated tools from back-office management, to dispatch apps and a multichannel approach to their business.

Technological solution

We have built a platform that ticks all the boxes of this complex business simultaneously.

  • White label model for restaurants: for a small fee, a restaurant can start an account at TakeOut Group where they get their own web, app, and ability to accept orders not only through the TakeOut platform but also directly. TakeOut not only has an omnichannel approach themselves – they are able to offer it to all of the restaurants on the system.
  • Automated menu and back-office management: previous to our automated solution, the restaurants had to contact TakeOut by phone to inform them about changes on the menu. Imagine this with thousands of restaurants on board. Now, the system is automated, menu updates and connections to restaurants are seamless and unbeatably efficient.
  • The dispatch app includes a driver`s app and a dedicated system to connect drivers with restaurants and clients.
  • Built via Jenkins, our platform allows automated app building for restaurants on the platform.



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