At NFQ, we work for businesses that never lack big ambitions. With our help, our partner, mobile payments platform VillagePod, instead of wasting years on finding the right tools to catch up with the digital transformation, only took 6 months.

The result? The VillagePod mobile payments app for Ireland became a  market pioneer and leader that contributed to Open Banking and the 3DS2 credit initiative in the country.

In just half a year, NFQ software engineers overcame a weighty technological challenge, while ensuring the data integrity that banking systems need. This mobile payment and local business incentive system is the first platform of its kind in Ireland. Launched in 2019, it is now the market leader and continues to successfully develop its range of functionality.

How did we bring the VillagePod idea to life?

  • Using the TypeScript programming language with React Native tools, we built a single mobile payments application that works on both iOS and Android platforms. The framework that was used lets the company reuse the TypeScript codebase to develop two platforms in parallel, saving time and resources.
  • For smooth data exchange, the engineers used React JS to develop a tablet application as a cash register substitute (POS) for employees of local businesses to handle purchases.
  • The system’s back end uses the Event Sourcing (Broadway tool), which is used in banking systems to validate transactions and  Command Bus tools. The system was developed based on Domain Driven Design principles, and we used ElasticSearch to enhance performance.
  • An easy-to-use self-service portal and admin portal was created for businesses that connect to the system.
  • Investing in quality assurance, the Kappa Team applied a test-driven development model.


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