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FinTech & Banking

NFQ is an all-in-one technology partner offering a full range of services for FinTech businesses. Our understanding of the complex nature of FinTech and banking, our responsible approach to developing software and building solutions, and strong regulatory support from our legal partners are all key factors behind our clients’ success.

With nearly 20 years of software development experience and over 300 projects implemented, we know how to deliver real value to our clients (including FinTech and banks). Our engineering teams have built stable technological solutions that enable our partners to consistently speed up their operations, scale their business further, and increase profits. Our developed successful FinTech initiatives (and continue developing) have established NFQ among trusted international players.

Fintech isn’t limited to just writing code. People also need legal and business advice and help to focus on the various challenges involved in developing a business. That's where NFQ steps in to lend a hand in strategic FinTech planning.

Our proposition of value:

In-depth expertise. Our IT professionals solve problems either by creating solutions from scratch or upgrading existing systems with proper functionality. Our business-savvy team will also propose ways to enhance your project’s commercial potential. This results-ocused approach comes naturally to our engineering teams.

Commitment. We take a tailored approach to each business partner, meaning you’ll have our pro-active attention and support until the project is completed and your agreed goals are met. NFQ has the resources to undertake complex tasks that require a subtle touch of creativity in development – things like merging crypto solutions with traditional banking.

All-inclusive service. NFQ partners with a variety of experts on legal matters, licensing and any challenges related to regulation. Our goal is to get the full picture of how to best launch and develop your project.

Solutions & Services:

Consulting and analysis. Anything from tech analysis to development: advice on building unique solutions, introducing best market practices and integrating with third parties.

All-in-One. An extensive network of law firms, business consultants, KYC/KYB solution providers, card issuers and cybersecurity experts ready to help with any pending FinTech project. Our partners also offer solutions for opening private and business accounts.

Core banking solutions. Can’t find the right core banking solution for your business? We can come up with a unique option specifically for you.

Payment integration. SEPA/SWIFT and correspondent bank integration.

Anti-money laundering. Already in the market and looking to comply with AML rules? NFQ can update your software and provide new tools.

Cloud hosting. We’re official partners with Amazon Web Services. Our 20+ AWS-certified engineers manage cloud hosting.

Email marketing. Get more customers and create unique templates. Improve your email marketing campaigns based on KPIs, external and internal audits, and competition reports.

Complex challenges. We have a strong track record in solving complex issues that require creativity and diverse skills. If you have an unusual request, we might be able to make it work.

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