We like challenges, so when Šiaulių bankas approached us, we were delighted to have the opportunity to upgrade the online banking and mobile app of one of Lithuania's largest banks. 

Our experts analyzed and researched user habits, planned the interfaces and design, and provided Front-end programming. The solutions developed by NFQ help Šiaulių bankas to attract new, technologically driven customers and keep the bank’s existing users loyal. 

Technological solution:

NFQ’s team had two goals: to upgrade Šiaulių Bankas’ app and its online bank. “To bring the mobile app and internet banking portal up to date, we put a lot of effort into researching and analyzing diverse age groups and used the resulting insights to create the user interfaces,” says Eivinas Norušaitis, the Head of UX and Design at NFQ.

The decision was made to adapt the dashboard for mobile devices and abandon the flawed practice of fitting the desktop version onto a smaller screen. The mobile version is now not only much more user-friendly, cost-effective and attractive, but also intuitive to navigate. The new design is not only not shocking, but also pleasantly surprising for older users. In updating the Šiaulių Bankas app, NFQ drew on best practices and templates for Android and iOS apps, focusing on user expectations and experiential design.

"We always strive to be closer to our customers and their needs, which is why we have set high quality, security and usability standards for the update of both the online bank and the mobile app. Clients must be offered innovative, yet simple solutions for everyday financial matters, " said Andrius Kamarauskas, Director of the Daily Banking Department of Šiaulių bankas. 


NFQ delivered a user-friendly design system that makes it easy to move dashboard elements around – thus bank staff can update online content without the help of specialists. “Whatever the project or product being developed, we always take all target audiences into account, both external users and system administrators,” NFQ's Head of UX and Design notes.

NFQ’s experts have found that the average consumer tends not to delve into the technical details, and that having a multitude of choices often causes confusion. Hence some of the app's features were deliberately hidden, for simplicity. About 80-90% of users should find their way in the app’s wizard perfectly well. An alternative solution will help the other 10-20% with all the ins and outs.

Another enhancement is the revamped payment form, which is a key feature in internet banking but had some problems before. The payment forms are now more logical and user-friendly, and a "single payment form" solution has been introduced.

For Šiaulių Bankas, along with its partners, NFQ developed a modern app that is solidly minimalistic and unified across all platforms and updated its internet bank. The site was cleaned up, both technologically and in design terms, keeping in mind that users want to enter as little unnecessary information as possible.


Services provided